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Adorable an indie pop, indie rock band

Adorable is an indie pop and indie rock band that has been gaining popularity in the music scene over the past few years. The band is known for their unique blend of catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and energetic live performances.

The band was formed in the late 1990s in Manchester, England, by singer/guitarist Pete Fijalkowski and drummer Robert Dillam. They were soon joined by bassist Stephen Holt and keyboardist Ged McAllister, and the band began playing small shows in local clubs and bars.

In 1994, Adorable released their debut EP, "Against Perfection", which garnered critical acclaim and led to the band signing a record deal with Creation Records. Their first full-length album, "Against Perfection", was released in 1994 and featured the hit single "Sunshine Smile", which became a top 40 hit in the UK.

Adorable's second album, "Fake", was released in 1995 and featured a more experimental sound, incorporating elements of shoegaze and electronic music. Despite this change in direction, the album was well-received by fans and critics alike.

In 1997, the band released their third and final album, "The Trial of the Century". The album was a departure from their previous work, with a more stripped-down sound and introspective lyrics. Despite the band's growing popularity, they disbanded shortly after the release of the album.

Today, Adorable remains a cult favorite among fans of indie pop and indie rock. Their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics continue to inspire new generations of musicians.


  • Against Perfection (EP) (1994)
  • Against Perfection (1994)
  • Fake (1995)
  • The Trial of the Century (1997)