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Atrax Morgue: The Pioneers of Italian Power Electronics

Since the early 1990s, Atrax Morgue has been a prominent force in the world of power electronics, combining industrial and noise elements to create a truly unique and confrontational sound. With a discography spanning over two decades, the band's founder, Marco Corbelli, has solidified Atrax Morgue's place as one of the pioneering acts in the genre.

Early Beginnings and Influence on Power Electronics

Atrax Morgue was founded by Marco Corbelli in Milan, Italy in 1991. Corbelli, who had previously been involved in the noise and industrial scenes, was inspired by the likes of Whitehouse, Brighter Death Now, and Maurizio Bianchi to create a project that would push the boundaries of power electronics even further. The name "Atrax Morgue" was chosen to reflect the dark and disturbing themes that would become a staple of the band's music.

Atrax Morgue's first release, "Cut My Throat," was a cassette-only release that featured raw and abrasive tracks that showcased the band's unique blend of industrial and noise elements. The release was well-received by fans of the genre and established Atrax Morgue as a major player in the power electronics scene.

One of the defining characteristics of Atrax Morgue's music is the dark and often disturbing themes that are explored in the lyrics and artwork. The band's early releases often featured graphic imagery and lyrics that dealt with violence, sexuality, and death, which led to some controversy and accusations of promoting harmful or offensive content.

However, Corbelli has always maintained that the themes explored in Atrax Morgue's music are not meant to be taken literally, but rather as a form of artistic expression that reflects the inner turmoil and violence that exists within human nature. In interviews, Corbelli has stated that the band's music is not intended to glorify or promote violence, but rather to confront and challenge the listener with uncomfortable and disturbing themes.