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The Au Pairs: A Unique Band with a Bold Sound

The Au Pairs were a British post-punk band that formed in 1979 in Birmingham, England. The band was composed of Lesley Woods on vocals and guitar, Jane Munro on bass, Pete Hammond on keyboards, and Pete Davis on drums. The Au Pairs were known for their unique sound and feminist lyrics, which set them apart from other bands of the time.

The band's debut album, "Playing with a Different Sex," was released in 1981 and featured the hit single "It's Obvious," which became a favorite on the UK indie charts. The album's lyrics tackled feminist issues such as gender roles and sexual politics, and the band's sound was characterized by their use of unconventional chord progressions and aggressive guitar riffs. The Au Pairs' music was a blend of punk, reggae, and funk, with a dash of disco thrown in for good measure.

The Au Pairs' second album, "Sense and Sensuality," was released in 1982 and continued the band's exploration of feminist themes. The album's lead single, "Come Again," was a call to action for women to assert their sexuality and independence. The band's sound evolved on this album, with a greater emphasis on keyboards and electronic instrumentation, which added a new dimension to their music.

The Au Pairs' final album, "Live in Berlin," was released in 1984 and featured recordings from a live concert in Berlin. The album showcased the band's energetic and powerful live performances, and included fan favorites such as "Kerb Crawler" and "Inconvenience." The band disbanded in 1984, but their music continues to be influential and inspiring to fans and musicians alike.

The Au Pairs were a groundbreaking band that paved the way for other feminist bands and artists. Their unique sound and bold lyrics challenged societal norms and inspired a generation of women to be unapologetically themselves. The Au Pairs' music remains a testament to the power of feminist punk rock and their legacy lives on in the hearts of fans around the world.