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Celtic Frost: The Pioneers of Extreme Metal

Celtic Frost is a Swiss heavy metal band formed in 1981 in Zurich. The band is known for their pioneering role in the development of extreme metal genres such as black metal, death metal, and thrash metal.

Celtic Frost was founded by vocalist and guitarist Tom G. Warrior and bassist Martin Eric Ain. The band's early music was heavily influenced by punk rock, but they quickly began incorporating elements of doom metal, gothic rock, and classical music into their sound.

In 1984, Celtic Frost released their debut album "Morbid Tales," which featured their first hit single "Circle of the Tyrants." The album was hailed as a masterpiece of extreme metal and helped establish the band as a major force in the underground metal scene.

In 1986, Celtic Frost released their second album "To Mega Therion," which marked a significant departure from their earlier sound. The album featured complex song structures, elaborate guitar solos, and operatic vocals, and is considered one of the earliest examples of symphonic black metal.

In 1987, Celtic Frost released their third album "Into the Pandemonium," which explored even more diverse musical styles such as industrial, gothic, and funk. The album was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics, but is now considered a classic of avant-garde metal.

In 1991, Celtic Frost disbanded due to internal tensions and creative differences. However, the band reunited in 2001 and released their fourth album "Monotheist" in 2006, which was hailed as a return to their heavier roots.

Celtic Frost has had a profound influence on the extreme metal genre, with many bands citing them as a major influence. Their unique blend of heavy metal, classical music, and avant-garde experimentation continues to inspire and fascinate metal fans around the world.