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Chaos UK Punk Rock Band

Chaos UK was a punk rock band from Bristol, England, formed in 1979. The band was known for their raw, aggressive sound and politically charged lyrics. Their influences included bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash, as well as the punk and hardcore scenes of the time.

The band was formed by vocalist Charlie Harper, guitarist Nicky Tesco, bassist Steve Harmer, and drummer Rat Scabies. They released their first EP, "Total Chaos," in 1981, and quickly gained a reputation for their intense live shows. In 1982, they released their first full-length album, "Burning Britain," which featured tracks like "Police Story" and "Punks Are Back."

Chaos UK continued to release albums and tour throughout the 1980s, playing alongside other punk and hardcore bands like GBH and Discharge. They were known for their DIY approach to music and their disdain for mainstream success. In 1986, they released their most successful album, "The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes," which included their hit single "I'm Alright Jack and the Beanstalk."

In the 1990s, Chaos UK underwent several lineup changes, but continued to tour and release albums. They released their final album, "The Rest of Chaos UK," in 1995. Despite their relatively short career, they left a lasting impact on the punk rock scene and are considered one of the most influential punk bands of their time.

Today, Chaos UK is remembered for their raw, powerful sound and their politically charged lyrics. Their music continues to inspire new generations of punk rockers, and their legacy lives on in the punk scene.