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Grindcore is the grumpy brother of death metal, the evil twin of hardcore punk and is one of the most deceptively inventive subgenres of the extreme music world. Grindcore is a genre of music that emerged in the early to mid-1980s. This music is a mix of some extreme music such as death metal, industrial music, noisy music, and some variations of hardcore punk. Despite his highly disliked musical style, the influence of grindcore spread to all corners of the music world, particularly power violence, avant-garde jazz, highly commercial industrial music and nu metal genres.

The characteristics of grindcore are guitars with thick distortion, guitars with low stems, fast tempos, high-pitched vocals and low growls (almost similar to crust punk), lyrics that usually have social and political themes (Napalm Death), death and blood (Carcass) and humor (Anal Cunt), and blast beat. Grindcore songs are generally short, and no longer than 2 minutes (some are often very long too).